Password Protected


Hello friends!  As many of you know, I’ve had some issues with some piece of shit ‘friends’ who found my blog thanks to gmail forwarding (I fucking hate gmail).  They’re still checking my blog periodically, so I’ve password protected all of my posts.  If anyone knows an easier way to do this than password protecting each one, please share in the comment section, I’d be much obliged!

I know it’s a pain in the ass, and I certainly don’t expect all of my followers to do this, but if you’d like the password (it’s the same for each post), please leave your email in the comment section.  Just a warning, if you don’t have a blog of your own that I can look at, I might not give you the password unless you can prove that you’re not someone I know IRL.

And a message for my ‘friends’, who still think I don’t know who they are (here’s a hint: your names start with S and L), you’re both dumbasses.  Come clean.  And for God sake, stop searching ‘womb warrior’ multiple times everyday in the search engine.  I can see the terms that people use to find my blog.  Idiots.

**update- I will NOT make public comments with email addresses in them. Your privacy is just as important as mine. So, no need to worry.


New Blog

I miss writing.  I need to write.

I want to be sensitive to my sisters in infertility who are still muddling through this nightmare.  So, I’ve started a new blog.  This will officially be the last blog post here on wombwarrior – which breaks my heart.

If you want to come along with me as I bumble my way through my life as a new SAHM, please join me here:

Love to you all.